Dan Knapp

You sort your trash, you rescue recyclables, you obediently scrape your plates into the compost bin. Good for you, and keep doing that! But lend an ear to Dan Knapp, a deeply-informed critic of corporate recycling messaging.

Dan Knapp is known in Northern California for co-founding Urban Ore, a Berkeley shrine to recycling and reuse. But his grand vision goes well beyond one quirky thrift store/salvage yard hybrid, what one scribe dubbed an “eternal, anonymous garage sale”. Knapp sees the potential for a world where almost every product can be somehow reinvigorated, reimagined, or reprocessed into something new and useful. But first, he says, we have to invest in the most efficient, proven repurposing of all our materials, prioritizing real results over profit. Dan is one of today’s most informed out-of-the-box thinkers about how to soften the impact of consumer culture.