Show #267 | Guest: Dan Partland, director and producer | Show Summary: The American people divide into three groups. One group is certain there’s something deeply wrong and deeply dangerous with Donald Trump. A second group is concerned but unsure. The third group of our citizens cannot be persuaded that he’s a danger to our lives and country. This hour won’t do much for that last group. But for groups one and two, a new documentary will be of deep interest: Unfit: the Psychology of Donald Trump. Angie talks with the show’s director and producer, Dan Partland.  Dan is a Multi-Emmy winner of documentary and non-fiction TV, whose work includes series such as A&E’s Intervention, The Sixties on CNN, and American Race with Charles Barkley for TNT. Dan’s work also includes landmark films of the independent cinema such as the feature documentary A Perfect Candidate along with Sundance winners Welcome to The Doll House and The Ballad of Ramblin’ Jack.