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Wednesday, September 20, 12:00pm: Jim Brosnahan, Deborah Rhode, and Peter Scheer From the Google memo to public statues to campus protests, accusations of quashed free-speech rights are flying. Is picketing a college speaker an effort to shut down discourse? How protected is an employee writing internal memos on company policy? If residents feel a memorial expresses their history, can the majority take that away? How do so many Americans mistake, say, moderation of comment sections as a breach of their First Amendment rights? In Deep has pulled together a panel reflecting deep experience in activism, the courtroom, and the classroom to address these thorny questions. They are:
Jim Brosnahan of Morrison Foerster who has been named among the top 30 trial lawyers in the US by the Legal 500 US.
Deborah Rhode, a Professor of Law at Stanford and the director of the university's Center on the Legal Profession
Attorney and journalist Peter Scheer

Wednesday, September 27, 12:00pm: Zoe Quinn, Crash Override Game developer Zoe Quinn has paid an unthinkably heavy price for being a strong, independent women in the gamer world, where men dominate and politics can be vicious. Her ex-boyfriend published a crazed blog post cobbled together from private information, half-truths, and outright fictions, along with a rallying cry to the online hordes to go after her. They answered in the form of a so-called movement known as #gamergate--they hacked her accounts; stole nude photos of her; harassed her family, friends, and colleagues; and threatened to rape and murder her. But instead of shrinking into silence as the online mobs wanted her to, she raised her voice and spoke out against this vicious online culture and for making the internet a safer place for everyone. In the years since #gamergate, Quinn has helped thousands of people with her advocacy and online-abuse crisis resource Crash Override Network. From locking down victims' personal accounts to working with tech companies and lawmakers to inform policy, she has firsthand knowledge about every angle of online abuse, what powerful institutions are (and aren't) doing about it, and how we can protect our digital spaces and selves.


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