IN DEEP WITH ANGIE COIRO is a weekly radio show featuring interviews recorded before live audiences in Menlo Park and Atherton, California. We focus on genuine conversations - real give and take with smart thinkers, entertaining personalities, and influential political figures.

ANGIE COIRO is a lifelong radio professional whose style has been compared to Terri Gross, Rachel Maddow, and Jon Stewart. She’s shared the stage with the likes of Al Gore, Jane Mayer, Barney Frank, Roxane Gay, Dan Savage, James Forman, Jr., Charlie Jane Anders, Dana Carvey, and Cleve Jones. Most of those conversations are in the archive on this very website.

OUR SHOWS are recorded at Menlo College in Atherton, and at Kepler’s Books, where Angie is on staff as the journalist in residence at Kepler's Literary Foundation (KLF). The KLF schedule varies; view our upcoming KLF schedule or join our email list for regular updates.

In Deep records every other Friday at 12 noon in El Camino Hall on the Menlo campus. As always, the public is welcome and seating is free. The show starts at noon. Park in the visitor lot, or - by emailing us for a parking pass - other lots will be open to you as well. Then follow the arrows to the In Deep show.

Our upcoming shows include:
Friday, March 23: Clayton Nall, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Stanford. Clayton will talk with Angie about the deeper effects of the modern highway system. Its creation, he says, increased the urban-suburban political divide and aggravated uneven access to basic services and resources. The effects are still surfacing today with partisan battles over transportation and infrastructure. How do we fix - or at least compensate for - a system that's literally cemented in?

Friday, April 6: "Does honesty still matter?" - a panel featuring Stanford's Deborah Rhode

To make sure you don’t miss any upcoming shows, join the In Deep email list by sending your email address to info@indeepradio.com.


In Deep with Angie Coiro is an independently-produced, one-hour weekly news-talk and interview program. Hosted by award-winning Bay Area journalist Angie Coiro, In Deep is a closer look at news and issues of the week— particularly the important stories that fell through the cracks of major media coverage. Featuring lively, thought-provoking interviews with newsmakers, politicians, and behind-the-scenes notables, each show illuminates important issues and the forces shaping the national narrative. Senior Producer, Host: Angie Coiro Executive Producer: Gordon Whiting Engineer: Scott McDowell Producer: Carolee Hazard Auxiliary Engineers: Peter Labberton, Jaimeson Durr, Brittneyleigh Wagner ©2016