Two Big Developments for Angie Coiro

Angie Coiro’s interviews with Roxane Gay, Jane Mayer, Susan Faludi and more have drawn standing-room-only crowds at Kepler's Books and displayed the brilliance behind some of today's top thinkers and new insights into some of today's most complex issues. We are delighted to announce that Angie is joining the Kepler’s Literary Foundation team, where she’ll have a greater opportunity to host evening events, bringing her trademark focus on politics and culture to one-on-one interviews and curated panels on critical and fascinating issues.

For fans of her daytime In Deep with Angie Coiro, the show is moving just up the street to Menlo College in November! In Deep will have a “soft opening” at Menlo in the Fireside Room, with two November interviews:

Wednesday, November 8, 12 noon: Brian Dear, author of The Friendly Orange Glow: The Untold Story of the PLATO System and the Dawn of Cyberculture.

Wednesday, November 15, 12 noon: George Lakey with Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right—And How We Can, Too.

Beginning on January 12th, In Deep will record every other Friday at 12 noon in El Camino Hall on the Menlo campus. As always, the public is welcome and seating is free.

To make sure you don’t miss any upcoming shows, join the In Deep email list by sending your email address to info@indeepradio.com


In Deep with Angie Coiro is an independently-produced, one-hour weekly news-talk and interview program. Hosted by award-winning Bay Area journalist Angie Coiro, In Deep is a closer look at news and issues of the week— particularly the important stories that fell through the cracks of major media coverage. Featuring lively, thought-provoking interviews with newsmakers, politicians, and behind-the-scenes notables, each show illuminates important issues and the forces shaping the national narrative.

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