Thank you for fifteen wonderful years! And goodbye.

In Deep with Angie Coiro began as “The Green Radio Show” on 960 AM in San Francisco. It was quickly retitled The Angie Coiro show; the Friday show, digging into cultural, artistic, and social issues, was dubbed In Deep. In 2007 it became an independent production, syndicated to AM and FM stations across the country, along with streams and podcast venues.

We’re proud of our many years of smart, worthwhile conversations with deep thinkers, entertaining personalities, and influential political figures.

In Deep with Angie Coiro shut down production in Spring 2021, because it felt right. Angie’s next project is … who knows? After a break, anything is possible. Meanwhile, she continues on staff as the journalist-in-residence at Kepler’s Literary Foundation, where she produces and hosts the This Is Now live interview series.

You can keep up with Angie on Twitter, where she still tweets under the  @AngieCoiro account.

Deepest thanks to our stations, our various live venues, our amazing guests over the years, and to an amazing staff that never stopped coming through. And most fervently of all: thank you to our wonderful, devoted listeners! It’s been a joy to hear from you over the years, with your guest suggestions, comments, and compliments. We’re forever grateful.

As the late, great Douglas Adams said so well, “So long, and thanks for all the fish!”

Take care, and be well,

Angie Coiro and Gordon Whiting